Should I take it personal?

Alot of times when we interact with others, we may not be aware of how we may come off. Many say when you take things too personal all the time, this is a red flag. It is known to be a low-self esteem issue with yourself. This can be true, but what about when you have to be around envious, negative, and people who just dont’t like you for whatever reason.

  1. Look at self first
  2. Evaluate the situation
  3. Pray about it
  4. Don’t allow others to steal your joy

When you know

When you know that you have always treated others with respect and they seem to always have a problem with you, let them go! You don’t have to be like them, fly above and beyond. Maybe they will then understand that their thoughts of you were wrong. But eventhough, you love yourself and be happy. You won’t be liked by all but you will be loved by many!

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