Self Love

Love you and be gentle with yourself. No one is perfect.” -T Marie

Love is understanding, pure, and unconditional. Love is not something that is turned on and off. We look at our lives and at some point we became insecure of physical, mental, and social status. By mental I mean feeling like we are not smart enough. Either from hearing it from others or our own self doubt.


Loving yourself means accepting all of you. God has made all of us unique for a special purpose. You may ask yourself “what can I offer the world?” Just being your unique self. And sometimes there are things we may need to improve on such as attitudes or how we speak and treat others. But as long as you know that you are still being you but becoming a better you. Look in the mirror each day and say “I’m better than I was yesterday. I love all or me and smile!”

You are awesome and don’t tell yourself nothing different. Remember there is always someone doing worst than you. Help someone today and let the light of God shine through your soul for his glory. Never give up on your dreams. You can do it!

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