Accepting Our Differences

“Not everyone thinks the way you think, know the things you know, believes the things you believe, nor acts the way you would act. Remember this and you will go along way in getting along with people.”

Arthur Forman

“It is just something about that person that I just don’t like. I really would just prefer not to deal with him/her.” How many times have you said this to yourself or discussed it with someone else? Can you really pinpoint why you feel this way?

When dealing with others, we must first understand that we are all different. This is what makes us unique and wonderful! It’s obvious that we come in different colors, sizes, and shapes; but who we are on the inside makes things go deeper. A lot of time when we decide to do certain things, others will try to put us down because our visions are different from theirs. The way that we talk to others and our tone of voice. In general, there is always something that will cause us to judge others because they are different.

Solution: Whenever you find yourself disliking or unaccepting someone, ask yourself why? And if it is something that you don’t understand about that person, just simply ask in a polite way. Just getting to know someone can solve some problems. Understand that we all have strengths and weaknesses. If you are strong in an area and someone else is weak, help them. We are all giving different gifts from God in order for us to rely on each other and work in unity. If we don’t know the story behind someone or why they do what they do , who are we to judge and not accept them for who they are. And yes, sometimes it can be hard for some but in the end we still need each other in some way.

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