School Yard Bullying

As a parent, I would not like for anyone to bully my child for no reason at all. And nor would I stand for my child to bully another child. Sadly, I had to encounter this some weeks ago. A group of children at my child’s school decided to record my child on their phone in the classroom. Where was the teacher? Why were these students/student allowed to have phone out in the class room? So, I received the call from a relative saying that my child (who has no social media accounts) were put on social media and made fun of.

I immediately sprung into action and the school was notified of this issue. My child is a cancer survivor of Neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a brain cancer that can cause difficulties with speech, eye sight, or just depending on whatever part of the brain that the tumor is located. My child don’t allow alot of people in because of the things that has happened at such an early age. But I thank God for the strength, intellect, and loving spirit of my child.

Bullying in schools has led to so many children that has taken their own lives or the lives of others. As parents, we have to talk to our children and teach them how to deal with situations like this. Also teach them that it is not nice to pick on others do to looks, classification, race, background, or etc. We have to teach them to get along with others and get to know a person. And also the reality is that everyone will not like you and will not always treat you with the same kindness,but pray for them and to keep going on with your life. Children are so precious and they are the next generation.

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