30 Day Natural Challenge

Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy.

Isaac Newton

When we allow things to happen naturally, what usually happens? Things work out how they were intended right? Just think about how much better our lives would be if we allowed things to happen naturally. Most of the time, many of us don’t and it leads to disappointments, stress, heartache, and pain.

I decided to do this challenge because I am always trying to better myself and strengthen where I am weak. Hey, no one will never be perfect, but we must always be the best that we can be. And we all have our weaknesses and we should work on them. Honestly, for me I have always been one to sort of rush things, become impatient quickly, and not allowing things to just go as they should. This will be a great challenge for me but I know it will be life changing.

And what better way than to eat naturally as well. So I will also be changing my diet with exercise. I hope that you all will join me and share your experiences and how it made you a better you!

We can do it! Let’s Go!!!

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