6 ways to Restarting Your LIfe

Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.

Jim Rohn

Life can take you to extraordinary places. It can cause hurt and pain. But one thing about it is that we have the opportunity to change it for the better. Many of us have experienced things that some others haven’t. Everyone has his/her own visions. perceptions. and dreams. Restarting your life for the better means giving up a lot of things that are unhealthy , unhappy, and negativities. Here are six ways to restart your life:

1. Exam Your life

You have to look at what is going on in your life. Write down questions on a sheet of paper about yourself. Answer these questions honestly and then ask yourself is this really who you are? How can you improve your life?. This is only about YOU!

2. Your surroundings

The environment does has an affect on how we perceive life and how we view ourselves. If you are always in a negative surroundings whether it’s work, home, school, etc, Try to work of having a more calm environment so that you can focus more on your life and it’s direction. Sometimes this can be hard to do, depending on circumstances, but it has to be done.

3. Health

Although we live in times whereas most of our foods are processed and is filled with many sugars, salts, and other things that aren’t good for us, we can change our eating habits. One way is to eat more fruits , vegetables, and drink plenty of water. Even consider planting your own personal garden which can save cost and still get the great nutrients from your own yard. You can also make sure you are exercising 3-4 times a week. Simply walking and jogging to start out. You should make sure that you are having your annual check-ups with your PCP. These things are very important and it makes you feel a lot better about yourself.

4. Setting Boundaries

You have the right to set boundaries. This is your life and no one should step over the line if they are not invited. You have to treat others how to treat you and to show respect. Do not be a pushover. You have to stand tall and speak firmly to others when addressing issues and getting your point across. They will understand then that you are serious and they can’t come at you in certain ways. When you nip things in the bud, things can go more smoother in your life.

5. Stick with it

You have got the ball rolling and you are changing your life one step at a time. You have to stick with it and stay strong. As time go by, you will see a great change and you would have expanded out to do things that you never thought that you could do. Of course, life doesn’t exempt you from other hardships, but you are more prepared now because you are stronger and the best YOU!

6. Prayer

Prayer really does change things. Read scripture daily to help you and pray to God for strength. For he knows what you are going through, he wants you to come to him and develop a relationship with him. We can’t make it on our own and we must not lean on our own understanding.

Life is not going to always be easy, but if you want a life of happiness, love, and strength, start with a new attitude. It all begins with YOU!

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