Stop relying on Others

We all love the support from our families and friends, right? Of course we do!! So alot of times when we venture out and do things we look for others to cheer us on. But what happens when no one is there or they completely stop supporting you? You feel discouraged, like a failure, or you made a bad decision.

Well I am here today to cheer you up and encourage you to support yourself and don’t give up. You have to look within and ask yourself, why am I even doing this? You are doing it because it’s different, your passion, and it’s all you!! No one else can think, feel, and know you like yourself. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but of course there are alot of people who had to support themselves and succeeded. When no one else was there, they were to keep going and it made them stronger as a person and to encourage others that anything is possible if you just believe in you! Now once others see you are doing your own thang then they will see and began to support none stop. But don’t rely on others and their opinions/actions to determine your life’s outcome! I would love to hear your moments when you felt you couldn’t do something, but you made it and now you’re stronger! Keep up the Good work!

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