Relationships: It takes Two

We never know who may come across our path in life. But we all have an effect on each other. For some reason us as humans just have a special connection. Often times we allow what someone said or did discourage us.

When You First Meet

First impressions are important. But sometimes you can’t completely hold that to a person. Or can you? Someone can be having a bad day and may come off as a mean person. But after some time of being around a person you gain knowledge of their true personality, their likes and dislikes, and what this person can contribute to your life and what you can contribute to theirs. Real relationships takes patience. You can’t just call a person a friend , boyfriend , or girlfriend after the first or few times of spending time with that person.

Tell the Truth

Honesty, is the first step is setting the stage of any relationship. It sets the stage for whether the relationship will last or not. We are human and sometimes we tell lies, but it’s not something to make a habit out of. You want to have trust and you want to be trusted. And we feel as though when we are under the gun and don’t want to hurt feelings with the truth, that we will loose a possible good friend. The thing of it is, is that the truth does hurt. And if someone cuts the relationship off due to that, you don’t need them anyway. Just think, have they been lying to you for them to get upset about the truth? And you dogged a bullet.


If a person really cares about you and your wellbeing, will make sacrifices for the relationship. For example, you have a friend who has

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