God is Awesome

God is the Great Creator of all things. God is love. God always wants the best for us. He knows that we will sin and fall short but He loves us anyway. He is so amazing , and I worship Him right now. If we love him we must love our neighbors, we must obey his law. One of the greatest laws is to put no other God before him. God wants a personal relationship with all of us. He knew we were along time ago, but he wants us to know him for ourselves. We must believe and keep faith in him and know in our hearts that his word is the Truth. Although Satan tries to step in and mislead us, but God’s way is the best way.

Like a Father teaching his child that you must love your sisters and brothers although they may have trespassed against you. You must forgive them. Just as God does us when we do things unpleasing in his eyes. When we sin, we must repent and turn from those worldly ways. We must stay in scripture because this is our lamp that will guide us through life. Certainly, when we are going through the hardest times in life. We must also pray to God and ask for direction and strength. He is patient and does things in his timing so we have to be patient and wait on him. In the meantime, we must continue to make a joyful noise unto him , praise him , and give thanks.

During this pandemic with the COVID-19, we must still rejoice in the Lord. He is worthy to be praised. Call on him and he will answer you. We must also humble ourselves before God. And be selfless. Everyone needs help right now. Reach out and help someone because we all need each other.

How many times have you prayed to God and he has been there?

How many times has he saved you from a horrible situation?

God is always with us, just because he doesn’t respond how we want him and in our time frame doesn’t mean he don’t. And he will protect us but we have to be see things through a spiritual vision. God knows the plans that he has for each of our lives. That’s why we shouldn’t compare our lives to others. Everything will work out in your life according to his will. Accept Jesus into your life and thank God for giving his son for our sins. Think about if we had to suffer for our own sins?

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