Loving Your Neighbor

You shall love your neighbor as yourself

Mark 12:31

Do we only love our family, friends, or people who are nice to us? What about others whom you don’t know such as a stranger walking down the street? Or do we love conditionally or unconditionally? These are some questions that we all must ask ourselves when we think of love. Our father in heaven has commanded us to love one another, forgive, and live in great harmony. But as humans a lot of times we allow our flesh and the deceitful enemy get the best of us and conflict arise.

We have to remember that we all are different in many of ways. And sometimes the differences causes us to be frustrated, dislike each other, hurt each other, and not be understanding of our fellow neighbor. We should as God’s children take out the time to understand each other and get to know each other better verses always quick to disconnect and judge others for whatever reason. For example, take John for instance. John was a very wealthy man who had succeeded well with his computer company. He loved to take vacations, dress well, and felt that he was on top of the world. He looked down on less fortunate people and didn’t like to really share his wealth with no one. Not even his own family. John was greedy and everything had to always be about him. One day while John was driving home, he stopped at a gas station for to fill up his car and an old poor lady approached him and asked for spare change. John screamed at the lady and called her a lot of unkind words and told her to get away from him. He wasn’t going to waste him money on junk like her. The lady teared up and walked away. And she turned back to him and said “Son, may God have mercy on your soul.” John walked on in the store to pay for gas, filled up, and drove off. A few weeks had passed and John received a letter from one of his top clients stating that they no longer needed his business. He tried to convince them but they didn’t change their minds. Shortly after that all of his clients had decided to go with other companies and he had no new clients and his business had fallen apart. He was behind on taxes and other bills that he failed to pay. In about 5 months, John had become homeless that quick. His family turned on him, he didn’t have any friends, and he was homeless and alone. He found himself walking those very streets that the old lady walked. He came to this same gas station where the old lady had asked him months prior for help. John saw the same old lady and she was eating a cup of soup that someone gave her. He sat down beside the lady and asked her for some of her soup. She looked and him and replied “you are the young man that I asked for help some time ago. Here you can the rest of my soup and I hope it helps you.” she said. “Why would you help me after I talked so bad to you and didn’t help you?” John asked the lady. “Son, I forgave you, and I prayed for you. God says in his word that we must love thy neighbors and forgive them when they trespass against us. And we are to love everyone regardless of what they have, what they do, or however they may be different from us.” she replied. ” You see I was the only child growing up and my parents were wealthy and left me the company. They are both dead now. We didn’t go to church so I never knew much about the Bible and stuff. I always got what I wanted and didn’t like to share. And now look at me, I’m homeless and smell horrible.” John said. ” Come with me, you will learn about God and his laws. You will be just fine, my son.” the old lady said.

As you can see from this story, John thought that he was above everyone and he thought just because he had more money than others he can do them any kind of way. But little did he know the old lady had something a lot more valuable than money. She had love for her neighbor man. Although he treated her poorly, she still gave him soup when he was hungry physically, but she wanted to show how he can be fed spiritually as well. She prayed for him and forgave him without him even knowing. She showed true genuine love. That is how we should be today. The world is full of trying times right now due to COVID-19. We all need each other regardless of whatever the situation is. We are brothers and sisters in Christ. Do not judge anyone, just think about if you were in their shoes and how you would feel. Let’s give love because that’s best gift you can give anyone.

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